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Meeting Rooms| Trippet Hall

Our meeting rooms were designed with you in mind...

Room Description Capacity
Audio/Videoconference Room This high-tech room has stadium, classroom style seating. You cannot find a room of its kind within a 50-mile radius. Each work station has both power and Internet connections. It is equipped for any type of multi-media presentation, with a computer, videocassette player, DVD/CD player, and a large rear projection screen at the front of the room. With four ISDN lines and an Internet connection, the room is ready for a full-motion videoconference and is able to support an audio-conference with 12 external participants. 30-36
Isaac C. Elston, Jr. Board Room This exclusive room features a large table, comfortable oversized chairs, a dry-erase board, and a credenza for supplementary materials. This room has both wireless internet and a big screen TV. In addition, the board room is equipped with a state-of-the-art audio conferencing unit for conference calls. This is an ideal room for conversation and discussion. 20-26
Small Conference Room This cozy room is great for small group discussions or "breakout" sessions. It contains three large dry-erase boards, Internet connection, and capabilities for a portable videoconference unit. This adaptable room can fulfill any small meeting need. 15

To view our meeting rooms and other facilities of Trippet Hall, please visit our photo album.

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