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Wabash Lodging Request

Wabash College Lodging Request Form

To request lodging for Wabash College sponsored visitors, complete the following information and submit the form not less than three business days prior to the arrival date. Contact if you have questions or problems.

Sponsoring department *required*
Full Name of contact person *required*
E-mail address of contact person *required*
Account to be billed for lodging *required* - - -
Number of nights lodging requested
Date and time of arrival
Date and time of departure
Event with which guest is associated
Wine and Beer available for guests** *required* Yes/No Contact Bon Appetit Catering Office, 765-361-6402
Number of Great Hall meal tickets requested: Breakfast @ $6.00
Lunch/Brunch @ $8.00
Dinner/Special @ $9.00
Personal information for each guest:  
Mailing address
Mailing address line 2
Zip/Postal code
Telephone number
E-mail address
Number of guests in the room 1    2
Name of second guest
Special needs
(i.e. wheelchair accessible rooms,
vegetarian meals, allergies, etc.)


College sponsored nightly rates for both Caleb Mills and Trippet Hall = $92/night
Grant/Non-Profit nightly rates for both Caleb Mills and Trippet = $100/night
Weekly rate for Caleb Mills (non-conference & authorized by President or Dean of College) = $80/night

**The cost of the guest room includes access to the Clifford Lounge where guests can have snacks, hard candy, chocolates, coffee, tea, Coke, and other soft drinks. For availability of beer and wine for your guests in Clifford Lounge, please contact Bon Appetit Catering Office, 765-361-6402, for details and pricing.

The Wabash sponsor will receive a listing of charges and the budget number to be charged. The Wabash sponsor is responsible for making travel reservations for the individual, including local transportation to and from campus. The Trippet Hall staff can assist with transportation arrangements.

The guest's room key functions as a pass permitting use of the Lilly Library and the facilities of the Allen Athletic Center.