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Public Conference Reservation

Third Party Conference Reservation Form

To request arrangements for a third party conference, complete the following information and submit the form 8 weeks prior to the starting date. Contact if you have questions or problems.

Title of conference*required*
Proposed starting date of conference
Suggested time for attendees arrival
Proposed ending date of conference
Suggested time for attendees departure
Projected number of guest rooms needed*
Wine and Beer available for guests** *required* Yes/No Contact Bon Appetit Catering Office, 765-361-6402
Projected number of conference attendees

Spaces needed


Board room
Small classroom
Dining room
Special requests

Name of contact person*required*

E-mail address of contact person
Phone number of contact person *required*

Nightly rates for both Caleb Mills and Trippet Hall = $120 plus state & hospitality tax/night

**The cost of the guest room includes in-room coffee/tea service, access to the Clifford Lounge where snacks and soft drinks are available. Please contact Bon Appetit Catering Office, 765-361-6402, for details and pricing of beer and wine in Clifford Lounge.