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Wabash Conference Reservation

Wabash College Conference Reservation Form

To request arrangements for a Wabash College sponsored conference, complete the following information and submit the form 8 weeks prior to the starting date. Contact if you have questions or problems.

Sponsoring department/Account to be billed for lodging *required*
Title of conference*required*
Proposed starting date of conference
Suggested time for attendees arrival
Proposed ending date of conference
Suggested time for attendees departure
Projected number of guest rooms needed*
Wine and Beer available for guests** *required* Yes/No Contact Bon Appetit Catering Office, 765-361-6402
Projected number of conference attendees

Spaces needed


Board room
Small classroom
Dining room
Special requests

Name of contact person*required*

E-mail address of contact person
Phone number of contact person *required*

Nightly rates for both Caleb Mills and Trippet Hall = $92 college rate; $100 grant/non-profit rate; Contact Trippet Hall for weekly rate

**The cost of the guest room includes in-room coffee/tea service, access to the Clifford Lounge where snacks and soft drinks are available. Please contact Bon Appetit Catering Office, 765-361-6402, for details and pricing of beer and wine in Clifford Lounge.

Airport shuttles, arrival and departure, are arranged by Trippet Hall staff.

This form will be shared with Bon Appetit, who will contact the sponsor regarding all catering needs.